Native Ads

Trends & Strategies 2020

25 - 26 June 2020 - Singapore

2020 Native Ad Summit

Tune in for more details on program and speakers. Upcoming info.

This practical & informative conference will feature a high value content program with the latest knowledge and understanding to equip executives in the field of digital ad and marketing. Get the latest ideas and creative strategies.

Be empowered and equipped to solve common industry challenges, seize the right opportunities and get the necessary support and programs to propel your brand forward.

Come and join us for yet another exciting edition of discussions, easy networking with peers and professionals, and many opportunities to collaborate for the future.

Topics Agenda

2020 KEY THEMES: NATIVE ADVERTISING CONFERENCE. (Stay tuned for more details on program soon).
  • Successful native advertising globally. Trends and developments.
  • Creating effective native ads in today's digital landscape.
  • Review of native advertising in action.
  • Common challenges.
  • Storytelling techniques.
  • Linkedin sponsored content strategies.
  • Mobile native ads.
  • The future of native advertising.
  • Programmatic native advertising - the future?
  • In-feed formats and beyond. Other viable formats and industry standards.
  • Best tips and principles for content development.
  • How to win with native advertising.
  • Strategies for personalisation and greater engagements.
  • Case studies and examples of successful brands. Strategies for retention.
  • Long forms and short forms content.
  • New technology and innovative tools.

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