Topics Agenda

2020 KEY THEMES: NATIVE ADVERTISING CONFERENCE. (Stay tuned for more details on program soon).
  • Successful native advertising globally. Trends and developments.
  • Creating effective native ads in today's digital landscape.
  • Review of native advertising in action.
  • Common challenges.
  • Storytelling techniques.
  • Linkedin sponsored content strategies.
  • Mobile native ads.
  • The future of native advertising.
  • Programmatic native advertising - the future?
  • In-feed formats and beyond. Other viable formats and industry standards.
  • Best tips and principles for content development.
  • How to win with native advertising.
  • Strategies for personalisation and greater engagements.
  • Case studies and examples of successful brands. Strategies for retention.
  • Long forms and short forms content.
  • New technology and innovative tools.